reiki testimonials


Nicollete – Owner of Healthy Gourmet Gifts nicollete

“Thank you for the heart opening, soul healing, mind blowing reiki session. How it works and what you do defies logic. What I do know for sure is that you’re gifted, that after every session I’ve learned something and am moved forward on my path in the most wonderful way. You’re ahhmazing!”

Megan Monique – Writer, Spirit Guide, Sacred Space Facilitator

“I have only had a few session of Reiki done in my lifetime. But the one I received from Alli was by far the most powerful. Although I spent my time of receiving mostly resisting – the treatment was unavoidable and rather delightful. After our session I felt energized and refreshed with a new sense of creativity & aliveness.

Kayte – Writer, Creative Spirit , Activist

“I’m generally a guarded person, and there’s not many people I would actually give permission to work on my energy…Alli wasn’t prying into my personal life or trying to uncover past sins – she was simply locating blockages in my spirit and working on them. Alli perfectly mixed professionalism and comfortable friendship to make my first reiki session a glowing memory…I’ve been full of revelations & energy for these last few days – it’s been wonderful…



reiki testimonials

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