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tarot testimonials




tarot testimonialsKRISTIN MILTON – IT MANAGER

“I received a single card reading from Alli.  It was simple, to the point, and beautifully written. There’s something magical about getting the right words at the right time, and my reading was the gentle, insightful reminder I really needed.”




“I’m new to tarot readings, and Alli made my first time a pleasant one! My 3-card reading by Alli arrived quickly and was so insightful and well-written. Alli was speedy and thoughtful in her response to questions I had as a result of the reading – I can’t sing her praises enough in this area. She has a magnificent bedside manner — I was truly grateful for the follow-through and that I wasn’t just sent off to wonder after my reading. Having the reading in PDF form is perfect, too — every time I re-read it, something new resonates. It almost feels as though it re-writes itself to become more and more relevant to my life on a daily basis, which has made me really confident in Alli’s ability to “see” me and get a sense of the energy around a given situation. If you’re on the fence about getting a reading, I highly recommend taking the leap — you’re in good hands with Alli!”




“Great guidance, exactly what I needed to hear in this moment.   Absolutely true, correct & magickal.  xxx”





tarot testimonialsSHYLAH R. – LCSW

“I have had the privilege of indulging in both the Year at a Glance Tarot Reading and the Super-Duper In-Depth Yearly Tarot Reading. I enjoy intuitive readings and have gotten numerous readings in the past in multiple forms from a variety of individuals. To be perfectly honest, I was a little put off at first by the concept of a “cold” reading. I was convinced there was no way in hell that someone would be able to provide insight into my life with zero details or direction. I stand corrected. Alli is a marvelous, quirky human being all on her own but add in her remarkable intuitive gift and you’re in for a treat. She is accurate, detailed and above all, honest. Everyone knows that you can’t polish a turd and she does not try to. Alli tells it like it is but offers helpful solutions whenever possible. Oftentimes, she has given me ideas I hadn’t considered (or just slapped some sense into me when I went total Chicken Little and was convinced the sky was falling). I consult my reading several times each month as it provides a road map and general overview to navigating through the twists and turns of life. When I am faced with a bump in the road (or a Mario Kart banana), I refer back to the reading and glean more understanding relative to my circumstances. I review my reading after the fact as well and have had more ah-ha moments than I care to admit. Why should you go for it? Alli is super chill and practical with her readings, the reading comes to you in the most aesthetically pleasing format and the experience as a whole is wonderful. You will not be disappointed.”




“I really appreciate how my 3 card reading told me what I needed to hear, rather than what I just wanted to hear. The reading was very accurate for my situation as I’ve been putting off a huge life change, and having a reading helped me understand that now is the time to go forward and take action rather than simply dreaming about it. I kept going back to read it again, and each time I did, I realized more and more how much it applied to me, and from it I was able to make an actionable plan to face my fears head on. Thank you Alli for your guidance!”




“Thanks once again for the reading! I really enjoyed it and thought it was a great way to deliver a snapshot of the year ahead with a breakdown of months so I can keep track of what’s coming up for me. I also loved how you tied the beginning of the year up with the end of the reading, bringing it around full circle. Thanks also for providing the written reading as it makes it easy to find where I’m at during the year ahead and what to plan for!! And thank you also for helping me look forward to the year ahead and plan for the joys and pitfalls that may arise – forewarned is forearmed after all! Namaste & Blessings to you <3”




“The Year-in-Review is just incredible. Firstly, you got my personality down, I mean, creepily accurately. I totally am airy and in need of integrating more action and fire based energy into my life. I absolutely am needing to bring more analytic plans to balance all my ideas. You wrote that this is the month to integrate that– well, I’m using an accountability partner for the first time ever! This is def. the month I am beginning to set goals, talk them through, and get them done!  Although much of your reading is set for the future and I can’t exactly say if it’s come to pass, I do know much of what is planned this year and you definitely have the themes down.  For instance, in May you talk about nostalgia and the theme of the past. May is my birth month and I do think about the past around this time. It also will be the one year anniversary of the suicide of a beloved family member.  In July, I am visiting my grad school for the very first time. You wrote that this is a great time to write… well, I am studying poetry in school!  From May to August I will be spending time with family. It totally makes sense that I will be fed up with them by August! As for a baby, my husband and I were hoping to wait till 2015, but you never know… 🙂  I am definitely going to reference this throughout the entirety of this year. It’s already so accurate and I’m excited to use it to plan my goals and adventures.”



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