Soapbox Sunday: Redheads Rock


Redheads Rock:
Putting An End To Gingerism


I am a redhead, a ginger, a titian haired woman.  It is part of what defines me, an integral part of my being.  It has helped mold me into the person I am today.

As a group we are unique, both adored and reviled.  Lilith was a redhead.  Mary Magdalene is often depicted as a redhead, as is Adam.  Dr. Who confessed that he always wanted to be ginger.  There was Queen Elizabeth I, Thomas Jefferson, Boadicea, Lucille Ball, Conan O’Brien, Ginger Rogers, Winston Churchill, Clara Bow and Napoleon Bonaparte…all redheads.

We are teased, taunted and bullied.  We are flattered, fawned over and envied.  We are a minority.  We are special.


Clara Bow: The original “It” girl


At any given moment redheads comprise less than 2% of the world population.  Compare that with the number of famous, powerful and influential people who have been redheads and you will see we “carrot tops” (which, incidentally, are green) are clearly doing something right…despite the merciless teasing and bullying so many of use are subjected to in both our youth and adulthood.   In some parts of the world teasing isn’t enough and gingerism is so severe it has resulted in beatings and even stabbings.

To all the gingerists, I propose a truce.  You stop the verbal and physical abuse and recognize us for the exotic and glorious quirks of nature that we are and we’ll forgive you for the hundreds and hundreds of years of persecution…burning us at the stake was completely uncalled for and you know it.  Knock off the asinine behavior and we’ll call it even.  Sound like a plan?


Kisses & Chaos & Much Ginger Love,
Alli Woods Frederick


Don’t believe gingerism is a problem?




M.I.A. references gingerism (please note this video contains graphic violence and brief nudity.  If you are sensitive to graphic images then I suggest you not watch) in her video “Born Free.”

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

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  • DeeGee

    Some say that the inhabitants of Atlantis were redheads. And the Vikings, of course. We are a breed apart- not to be despised, but adored. 🙂

  • Mis

    As a dark auburn-haired ally, I salute you! I love gingers – always have, always will. I don’t know if you know of Catherine Tate, the British comedienne, but I love her ginger heid and her hilarious ginger-as-minority-community skits from her show. See here:

    Much love! 🙂


    • Mis,
      I LOVE Catherine Tate! Those are some of my favorite skits. I recently turned my husband on to her and now he’s hooked too.
      Gingers of the world unite!

  • Chris Quartly

    My name’s Chris and I’m a redhead-aholic.

    • As a redhead-aholic, I’m curious to know your take on the Tesco Christmans card fiasco. Personally, I think it’s wrong. My litmus test? Would the card be funny if “gingers” were replaced with another minority group? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me know and I’ll find the image and post it.

      • Chris Quartly

        Oh yeah I completely forgot about that card, I remember the fuss at the time. My take on comedy, or perhaps I should say, all attempts of comedy, is pretty much an “anything goes” approach. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong because when you start saying “oh they can’t do that because it’s offensive” then it’s hard to know where to start for fear of upsetting someone.

        Then again, I’ve got pretty thick skin (you need it with a face like mine!). Ultimately I could see the funny side of sending that card to a friend of mine, much like they might see the funny side to sending me a card telling me that god loves me (for example). It’s just a card at the end of the day.

        • It seems as though the card caused quite a ruckus. I agree that a certain amount of good natured ribbing is fine and much of it is harmless, but there is a line that must be drawn as to what is appropriate and what is not. I suppose the real question isn’t whether or not the card was mean or inappropriate (I’m a HUGE fan of free speech so I would never expect a card like that to not be printed…if I don’t like it I simply won’t buy it.) but whether it feeds into and helps foster hatred and negativity. Many people have argued that being a gingeriest isn’t a form of bigotry and that redheads need to just get over it, but when people are being beaten and killed because of their hair color…I mean, come on. Seriously. That’s bigotry to the extreme. Stabbing someone for being a redhead is no less of a hate crime than stabbing someone because they’re Asian, for example. To say it’s not a hate crime because it wasn’t racially motivated is ludicrous. It was a crime motivated by hatred towards someone who was perceived as being different. I could go on and on about this…but I won’t. I will, however, be picking up a copy of the book “The Roots of Desire: The Myth, Meaning, and Sexual Power of Red Hair .” It sounds like an interesting read.
          On a related but unrelated note: I was very disappointed to discover that Rita Hayworth was not a natural redhead. Ah well.

          • Chris Quartly

            Of course it’s as much of a hate crime as anything, but the ones that will do bad things to people will find any old excuse, the simplest being “what are you looking at?!”.

            As always it’s a case of needing to educate as much as possible, there are too many parts of society that are seperated due to their differences (from faith, to finance, politics, etc, etc), whereas we need to educate people that we should be coming together because of our differences, variety in the world should be hailed and not feared. The more educated people become, the more we understand our differences and the less we fear them.

          • Remarkably well said!

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