For All The Green Tea Latte Lovers Out There: How to Make Your Own

Have you tried Starbucks’ green tea latte?  I have and I must say I am completely addicted to them.  They’re so yummy and full of green tea goodness.   It makes my taste buds happy but it’s hell on my pocketbook.  I can’t say I care for spending $5 on a drink…I mean, it’s tea for crying out loud!  So I decided to just get off my lazy butt and make my own…and share the recipe with all my other green tea latte obsessed friends out there.  It’s way cheaper and tastes exactly the same.  Get ready to make your mouth happy!

What You’ll Need:

Matcha Green Tea Powder (Try not to balk at the price. It runs around $20 for a 5 oz. can, but it makes around 30 servings. You’d spend $20 on just 4 drinks from Starbucks. Way more bang for your buck rockin’ it diy style.)

Melon Syrup or the syrup of your liking (I use Sugar-free Vanilla syrup to  keep the calories low)

Milk (Soy, Rice, Skin, Whole…whatever floats your boat)



How To Make It:

For a large:

* mix 4 tablespoons matcha green tea powder with 4 shots (squirts, if you will) of syrup. 

fill the glass with a 50/50 mix of milk and water (approximately 4-6 oz of each).  If you prefer your lattes hot then add hot water and steamed milk.

*  stir it up & drink it down.

you can add more syrup to taste if 4 isn’t enough sweetness for your sugar-lovin’ self.


For smaller sizes:

adjust quantities accordingly – medium uses 3 tablespoons & three squirts with less milk and water.  small uses 2 tablespoons…you get the idea.


That’s it.  Crazy easy and insanely delicious.  And you know what?  I’m going to go make one right now.  Enjoy your yummy (and healthy-ish) green tea latte, my dears!


If you have a variation on this recipe (different syrup flavors maybe?) then please feel free to share your mad drink makin’ skills with the rest of us.  Inquiring minds want to know!

Kisses &  Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick


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  • Also recommend replacing the water with ice and blending so you could a thick green tea smoothie 🙂

    Another matcha-addict…

    • You could even take it up a health notch by adding some chia seeds & ground flax seeds to that smoothie of yours. Pa-pa-pa-pow! Healthy and delicious? I think so.

  • Miranda

    I heard peach syrup is really good with a cold green tea latte from a barist

    • I’ve heard that too. I use the vanilla because it’s sugar free, which, sadly, I can’t find in peach. If you know where to get a hold of some, pretty please let me know.