Getting Iggy with It.

After a mini-rant about the origin of punk (and the Sex Pistols had nothing to do with it…but that’s a different story/rant for a different day) I thought I should give some love to Iggy Pop – the mad genius who forever changed the world of music.  So here are some mad kisses & oceans of chaos for Iggy.  Muwha! (And in case you remember my old Honda, Candy – yes she was named after the Iggy & Kate duet of the same name…yeah…you know the one…from around ‘91.  That’s it.  Yeah, baby.)

Search & Destroy

"steampunk collage of post-apocalyptic dystopia by alli woods frederick. all rights reserved copyright 2009."


I’m a street walking cheetah
with a heart full of napalm
I’m a runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb
I am a world’s forgotten boy
The one who searches and destroys
Honey gotta help me please
Somebody gotta save my soul
Baby detonates for me
Look out honey, ’cause I’m using technology !
Ain’t got time to make no apology
Soul radiation in the dead of night
Love in the middle of a fire fight
Honey gotta strike me blind
Somebody gotta save my soul
Baby penetrates my mind
And I’m the world’s forgotten boy
The one who’s searchin’, searchin’ to destroy
And honey I’m the world’s forgotten boy
The one who’s searchin’, searchin’ to destroy
Forgotten boy, forgotten boy
Forgotten boy said
hey forgotten boy

Kisses & Chaos,
Alli Woods Frederick


image credit: a day in the park ©2009 Alli Woods Frederick all rights reserved.

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