In Case of Existential Crisis: Read This




WE ALL HAVE THOSE MOMENTS where we wonder what the point is.  Life has disappointed us once again so why bother?  Sure we’re alive, we’re here but who gives a shit?  The sun rises, we trudge through another day and then the sun sets.  What does it matter in the end?

Someday we’ll be gone and what will we have to show for it?

IT’S A CLASSIC EXISTENTIAL CRISIS and it’s one that we’ve all had at some point, if not many points, in our lives…and if you haven’t had one yet odds are you will.  So what is the point?  What will we have to show for our lives when we are all but dust?

Our legacy is our love…the love we give.




… the love we plant, the love we grow, the love we share with ourselves, with our friends, with our family.

THE PURPOSE OF IT ALL, THE POINT, WHY WE BOTHER IS LOVE.  It’s the answer…always.  It’s what we all pray for, it’s what we all crave from the cradle to the grave – love, the giving and receiving of love.

IT’S A CONNECTING OF SOULS, a merging of hearts, of laughter, of tears, of hopes and of fears and it wraps us inside one another.  Love gives us strength.  Love gives us courage.  Love gives us joy.




Love is why we’re here.



Kisses & Chaos,
Alli Woods Frederick

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