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It’s one of those days when, even if every single one of those cups were filled to the brim with espresso it still wouldn’t be enough caffeine.  I’m having a hard time getting motivated.  I am draaaaaaaaging ass in a big way.  Where’s a bucket of B vitamins when you need them?  But we’re going to pretend I’m resting up for the weekend so I don’t feel quite so sloth-like & gross.  Okay?  Thanks for humoring me. *wink*


Little Links o' Love


  • I have long been a fan of shrinky dinks and have, over the years, made more than my fair share of necklaces out of them…but rings?  Shrinky dink rings?  Oh yes.
  • If someone can put their finger on why this article made me and a slew of other women feel so weird and really irritated I would be grateful.  I’ve tried to pinpoint why it evokes such a negative response but just can’t quite seem to figure it out.
  • I just discovered the photography of Nicholas Scarpinato and I am totally digging it.
  • Proof that not everyone in politics is a stiff, boring old codger with no sense of humor and bad taste.  Mad love to you, Paul Shawcross, Chief of the Science and Space Branch at the White House Office of Management and Budget…mad love to you.
  • Did you catch the Golden Globes last weekend?  I did…and boy was I disappointed.  I usually watch for the gorgeous gowns but they seemed to be in short supply.  Overall I was underwhelmed.  There were a few standouts like Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Michelle Dockery and Kelly Osbourne but mostly the gowns were awkwardly styled, trendy and ill-fitting.  What do you think?
  • Have you ever wondered how to create the purrrfect (yeah I said it) cat eye?  Wonder no more.  This tutorial has you covered.
  • This photo series based on people’s tweets is fascinating.
  • Chubby book.  Gimme.
  • It’s no secret I have a deep and abiding love for Bruce Campbell.  I flipped for him when I saw him in Evil Dead II oh so many years ago.  Naturally my head almost exploded with rage when I found out Sam Raimi is remaking the cult film classic.  Color me appalled & disappointed.  Tsk tsk, Sam Raimi.  Tsk tsk.
  • No idea what the hell Evil Dead is?  Here’s the original trailer.



Kisses & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick


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  • talleyimages

    I think the skinny article is aggravating for a few reasson
    1. she claims she didnt know she was losing weight… yeah right… it doesnt take you losing 20 pounds for your clothes not to fit right, try losing 5-10 pounds and you will notice the difference
    2. she was in Italy, one of the best places to get great, fattening food…. Im pretty sure she could have found some pasta or gelato pretty easily, so Im not sure why she complains of her host mom not feeding her when she could have gotten her own food – and why not cook for the host mom every once in awhile
    3. being a skinny chick doesnt make you any less womanly or strong (ok, some people go overboard with it, but some girls are already naturally skinny and they rock it just fine – as do some bigger girls)
    4. Im sorry but its hard to listen to anyone complain about losing weight when they are having a great time in Italy…. I mean talk about a “first world” problem
    Just my 2 cents

    • Yeah…I honestly couldn’t tell you why but it feels disingenuous to me…there’s something that just doesn’t sit right. I’m not one to post negative comments but the article really got under my skin…it almost seems like a boast veiled as a complaint…I don’t know…I suppose at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter…I’m just left wondering about the author’s health.