Project 52: The Extremely Late May Edition


project 52


I KNOW, I KNOW.  I’m seriously behind on my Project 52 photos.  Stick me in the corner.  Pop a dunce cap on my head.  Spank me.  Make me wear a scarlet “L” (for late or lame…whichever you prefer) on my chest.  I totally deserve it.

THE IMAGES have been sitting on my desktop patiently waiting for me to edit them.  To be fair, with all the change in my life & everything leading up to it editing (an easy way for me to completely loose track of time) took a backseat.

I’M GOING TO do my best to get caught up in time for August, but no promises.  Thank you for your patience with my slower-than-molasses-ass.  Love you guys to bits.

Now on to the photos…



project 52



project 52



project 52



project 52



Kisses & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick


chair 3 sampler

lazy sampler

images ::  all images ©2013 alli woods frederick.  all rights reserved.  ::  chair series no.3  ::  lazy summer  :: 
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  • Tanja Gardner

    OMG, Ali, I think that cat is staring straight into my soul! What an awesome picture :-D

    • alli

      Mischa is prone to do that, without a doubt. I’ve talked to him about it before…it can be unnerving to some who are unaccustomed to such an open, direct, friendly and well-spoken feline such as he. But he just shrugged me off…he has too much love to give…to try to contain it would be a sin of the worst kind.

      (and I know I sound like a crazy cat lady or proud mama but he’s seriously exceptional…he has turned more than one dog person into a lover of cats…my ex-husband included!)