The Truth About Feline Fantasies & Food


feline fantasies


Feline Fantasies

feline fantasies


YOU CAN KEEP your chicken.  You can keep your turkey with gravy.  And those saucers of milk?  That’s only in the movies.  I’m all about the beef.  We all are.


FEW PEOPLE know this but I, along with every other cat on earth, dream of stalking and killing one of the massive cud-chewing beasts called “cow.”  As they flee in terror across the plain I pounce – a swift and precise attack to the throat.  Tonight I shall feast.

ONCE DOWNED, I perch atop my prey as king, surveying all that I rule and observing the fear and devastation I have created with the grim satisfaction that only the heart of a ferocious hunter knows.  I am alone but I am mighty and I shall eat my fill.

SUCH IS the fantasy of we the cats – the dream that is beef.

Oh…and because it tastes good.


Kitty Kisses & Cuddly Chaos,

Mischa Woods Frederick (a.k.a. The Wondercat™ )


images :: © 2013 alli woods frederick.  all rights reserved.
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