Halloween Wrap Up

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A strange and disturbing thing happened Sunday morning.  As my honey and I were enjoying our coffee at Sweetbay,  the most ill-mannered child walked by (unattended, of course…what is this world coming to?) and do you know what he did?  He bit me!  As though that weren’t bad enough he appeared to be rather under the weather…he looked awful!  We ran straight home and cleaned up the wound but it looks like I caught whatever the little bugger had.  I’m not feeling very well…not well at all.  But I was bound and determined to go out with my honey for Halloween…and go out we did.  Here are some pics my sweetie took before our night out.  Please excuse my pallor…

So how was your Halloween?  Let’s see those boo-tiful costumes…feel free to post links to your photos in the comments section (you can find the link under the photos).  Until next time!

Kisses & Chaos,
Alli Woods Frederick

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PS – “Shoot First” will be available via the “Free Downloads” page on Friday for your downloading pleasure.  <3

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