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    AS a lover of Halloween and a certifiable, erm I mean certified…yeah…certified zombiephile, I can’t believe I didn’t share some undead zombie love on All Hallow’s Eve, a day for all things spooky, dead and gory.  My neglect … Continue reading

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    HALLOWEEN is over and if you’re anything like me you feel slightly depressed that you now have to wait another 364 days until it rolls around again.  If that’s the case then we’re both dealing with post-Halloween depression. … Continue reading

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    SO it’s Halloween.  You’ve patiently waited for the party invites to roll in but…*crickets chirping*  Unbeknownst to you that’s what all your friends were doing to – waiting.  So what’s a ghoul to do?  Throw your own last … Continue reading

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      Because I could not stop for Death – He kindly stopped for me – The Carriage held but just Ourselves –And Immortality. We slowly drove – He knew no hasteAnd I had put awayMy labor and my … Continue reading

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      THE MONSTER BENEATH The BED   What is that you’re seeing in the corner of your eye Stealthful foot steps following never passing by In the corner of the mirror watching when you blink It is patient … Continue reading

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