Handmade Haute*ness

Gorgeous Goodies For Luna-tics

How to Channel Your Inner Luna Lovegood has created the urge to do some Luna-inspired shopping.  In the true spirit of Miss Lovegood, all of these magical items are handcrafted by talented, bliss-following artisans and are completely drool-worthy.  Now where did I put my credit card?…darn those nargles!

"collage of hand-crafted items inspired by Luna Lovegood"
1. – Sleepy Romper by NENEE
2. – The Patronus Twin by Pixie Pie & Posie
3. – White Chocolate Raspberry Macaron by Sweets For The Soul
4. – Luna Lovegood’s batch of practically magical moon shaped soap by Pixie Pie & Posie
"collage of handmade items inspired by Luna Lovegood"
1. – Transforming Space Dress by The Indie Collective
2. – Butterbeer perfume oil by Long Winter Farm
3. – UFO Alien Mask by Made It 4 U
4. –  Steampunk flutter key necklace by Miss Mercy

Kisses & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick

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