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        ocumentaries tend to divide people.  There are those who love them and those who hate them.  People watch movies to be entertained and there are people who don’t think entertainment and education go hand in hand…and … Continue reading

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    ollywood.  The land of big dreams, big personalities and big fat historical mistakes that are so deeply ingrained in the incestuous industry that is film-making that no one bats an eye at these ridiculous errors.  Personally?  They drive … Continue reading

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    UNLESS you live in some alternate reality or parallel universe where Hallmark hasn’t taken over the world with the stealth of a rhyming ninja then you know that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  A day that has come to … Continue reading

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    SEVERAL days ago I mentioned Greta Garbo in a conversation and I was greeted by a blank stare.  The person had absolutely no idea who I was talking about…and that seriously bummed me out.  It never dawned on … Continue reading

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    AS a lover of Halloween and a certifiable, erm I mean certified…yeah…certified zombiephile, I can’t believe I didn’t share some undead zombie love on All Hallow’s Eve, a day for all things spooky, dead and gory.  My neglect … Continue reading

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