By They Pricking of My Thumbs Something Awesome This Way Comes

I am digging on all things mystical and magical this week.  Why?  Hell if I know, but I’m going to hook you up with some awesomeness inspired by the great beyond.  So with that I give you a roundup of mystical, magical goodness to round out your week.


    • Have you been curious about Tarot cards but always felt a bit intimidated?  Mónica Laura at Samhain Moon will walk you through it.
    • Though not technically magical, I find maven and personal heroine Vivienne Westwood to be just that…quite magical…watch this video and you’ll see why. And if that doesn’t convince you of her bad-assery then maybe her manifesto will.
    • Have you noticed how there are periods of time when communication skills seem completely elusive and technology is out to get you a la “War Games” or “2001 A Space Odyssey?”   When this happens, odds are Mercury is in retrograde.  You can track sucky ol’ Mercury retrograde here…and it even has a countdown so you can prepare for the glitches and kinks it inevitably brings.
    • While we’re on the subject of planets…Though technically not a planet, the moon (man I love the moon) plays a key role in many religious as well as personal rituals that are performed on full and new moons.  Many believe these nights have particularly potent energy that we can tap into and harness.  You can learn more about creating your own new moon ritual here…and track the monthly moon phases with this handy dandy chart.
    • Want to try your hand at some good old fashioned traditional gypsy divination?  Why not try reading tea leaves?  This kit* has all you need to get started.

What’s magical in your life right now?

Kisses  & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick

image credits:  pandora by Charlotte  *  tarot spread by ©2012 Alli Woods Frederick (all rights reserved)  *  Wish Upon a Star by Yuliya Libkina
*affiliate link
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