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    ou have patiently waited (okay – mostly patiently waited – you didn’t bombard me on Facebook and were kind enough to space out all your Robert related post inquiries *wink*) so now it’s time for part three in … Continue reading

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        RECENTLY I was given a book. I admittedly tend to literally judge books by their covers, and the cover of Soul Sessions: A Story of Love and Awakening, with its dark and subtle artwork, is one … Continue reading

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    The Ghost of Duplexes Past Part I   I WAS LIVING IN A SMALL DUPLEX with my then boyfriend Howard* on Haynes Street in San Marcos, Texas.  We had just gotten off the road (we were rennies) and … Continue reading

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  Ask Alli: Answers To Questions Dear Abbey Won’t Answer   I WAS RECENTLY CONTACTED by a woman who is having unusual (though not unique to her) experiences of a paranormal nature. She believes she is being followed by negative … Continue reading

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        Earlier this week I noticed a strange shift in energy.  Maybe you noticed it too.  I had gone from happy & upbeat to dour & in the dumps for no reason at all – at least … Continue reading

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