Nailheads and Glitter and Skulls, Oh My! DIY!

I am in creation mode.  Maybe it’s because spring is beginning to poke its flowery head up…or maybe it’s just because – just because.  The creative muse is a fickle creature and I often find it best not to question the why’s.  So enough with all that.  Let’s get to the creating, shall we?  Yes, let’s!

    • We all know I love bones and skulls and cuteness…so naturally I love sugar skulls…and naturally I feel an overwhelming need to make some…and if you feel the need to make some too then here you go: a sugar skull tutorial.  (and that image totally has me wanting to cross-stitch too…I need more time…and more arms.)
    • While this ceiling is stunning (and seems to be a pretty easy project, provided you don’t suffer from vertigo or acrophobia) it looks so much like a floor that I would be tempted to go all Alice In Wonderland on it and glue my furniture to the ceiling and put my lighting in the floor.
    • Looking for something quick, cute and easy?  How about these adorable miniature megaphones.
    • I love leggings but I am so infinitely bored with what you can find in the shops…though not the most amazing seamstress in the universe, this diy legging project doesn’t seem too daunting at all.
    • Wildly comfy and easy to rock…this circle knit shirt tutorial is written for a child’s size, but can easily be adjust to fit us “grownups.”
    • Shoes.  Glitter.  Enough said.

If you have any awesome tutorials/diy ideas you’d like to share, I’m all ears!  Please pass ‘em along in the comments.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have shoes to glitter and megaphones to make.  Smooches!


Kisses & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick


image credits:  sugar skull by Lindy  *  bronze nail ceiling by Kate Pruitt  *  megaphone by Grace Bonney  *  leggings by Cal Patch  *  circle knit top by Raechel Myers  *  glitter shoes by Elsie Larson
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