Spring Shopping with Lydia Deetz


goth spring fashion


I BECOME OBSESSED with movies…I mean, like, OCD obsessed.  Example?  I watched Buffalo ‘66 at least once a day, every single day for a year and a half.  I would let it run as I fell asleep.  I would have it on in while I read.  Little temporary rituals like this help me during stressful times.  It’s a comfort.  An emotional balm.  When you know something so well, front to back, inside and out, backwards and forwards, there’s a comfort to it…it becomes a 90 minute mantra, a meditation – the central nervous system is calmed, lulled into a restful state by the familiar repetition of the voices you’ve come to know so well.

And now that I’ve actually written that I recognize just how absolutely crazy it sounds, but there it is, nonetheless.  If you haven’t figured out by now that I’m a little on the weird side (although I prefer to think of myself as adorably eccentric) then you must view the world through the same funhouse mirror that I do.  But I digress…


TIM BURTON’S BEETLEJUICE was another such movie for me.  I was beyond obsessed with the film when I was in 8th grade.  I’d have it on when I was getting ready for school and again when I was going to bed.  Day in and day out it was all Beetlejuice all the time.  I can still recite it beginning to end and quote it in my daily life with more frequency than I care to admit.  The set design, the costuming…brilliant.  It’s a visually stunning film from which I still draw a massive amount of my inspiration in both art and life.


goth spring fashion


SO IT SHOULD come as little surprise that, when facing a fashion conundrum or looking for a new outfit I often find myself asking:

“What would Lydia Deetz do?”


goth spring fashion


HER QUIRKY, ARTHOUSE GOTH style is still a point of reference for me (and yes, I still own a pair of black and white striped tights and will until the day I die.  Age and trends be damned!), so it’s only natural that, what with spring having sprung, my imaginary BFF and I go shake the cobwebs off our warm weather wear and find some new pieces to breathe life into our spring wardrobe and home.


Goth Spring Shopping with Lydia Deetz



lydia clothes

::  1 – striped hat  ::  2 – dark excess perfume  ::  3 –  hepcat sunglasses  ::  4 –  cross slip dress  ::  5 – prisoner of love purse  ::  6 – big foxy platform  ::  7 – longboard & short of it top  ::  8 – striped leggings  ::




home decor beetlejuice

::  1 – lady of the woods travel mug  ::  2 – fine fables wall art set  ::  3 –  sight for bored eyes print  ::  4 – day of the dead corkscrew  ::  5 – head of the class container  ::  6 – frenchie mannequin head  ::


Kisses & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick


*This is not a sponsored post but it does contain affiliate links.  Just wanted to let you know in the interest of full disclosure/transparency, cause I lurve ya like that.


images ::  © warner bros.  ::  via pas-de-chat  ::
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