Skin Ring – A Fashion Don’t



If you are easily grossed out then you should probably avert your eyes and close this tab in your browser immediately because what follows is really, really gross.  It’s not gory or violent but it is absolutely nasty.  You’ve been warned.

skin ring fashion don't

What is that, you ask?  Guess.

Go on.


I hate to tell you but it’s exactly what you think it is…it’s a ring made with gold and human skin (and hair.  Yum!).

This disgusting creation, misleadingly named the “Forget Me Knot,” comes to us courtesy of Icelandic/Israeli fashion designer Sruli Recht, who is known for making, um, interesting fashions that raise eyebrows, not unlike the controversial works of Robert Mapplethorpe (a sheath made from the skin of 27 still born lambs?  shoes made from whale foreskins?  shawls dyed with ram’s blood?).

It is made from skin he had surgically removed from his own abdomen which was then salted, tanned and applied to the ring.

skin ring fashion don't


We’ve all come to expect quirkiness from Iceland.  After all they gave us Bjork and they believe in fairies, but this goes way beyond quirky and into the realm of creepy-as-hell.

Too bad it’s not 1998…this most grievous fashion don’t would have had Angelina Jolie scrambling to get her hands on it as the perfect compliment to her blood-filled vial necklace. 


Coco Chanel once said “Before you leave your house, remove the last thing you put on, as it is generally unnecessary.”


I pray to God that whatever fashion victim shells out the ludicrous €350,000 for this monstrosity puts this ring on as they head to the front door…and then heeds Coco’s advice.


What do you think?  Work of art or weird for weirdnesses sake?   Would you wear it or would you rather amputate your hand first?


Kisses & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick


image via design taxi
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  • Kele

    While I certainly wouldn’t wear such a thing, I don’t really find it that outrageous. People wear skin all the time – they line their cars in it, decorate their home with furniture wrapped in it, use it for clothing and footwear and jewelry and handbags. It just isn’t usually human skin, so somehow that’s supposed to be more grotesque or outlandish. I just find it disgusting and ridiculous regardless of the source.

    • True. I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective. Vegetarians and vegans would say using any and all skin is wrong regardless of the source.

      I can’t help but wonder, since he’s from Israel, if he’s Jewish…which in turn makes me wonder why, if he is Jewish, he would choose to create from human skin given their recent history…

      I find it, along with his other creations, to be in very poor taste. When people go for shock value I can’t help but wonder if it’s because they lack genuine talent so they garner attention by creating controversy or if they merely have a profound and almost pathological need to be noticed (for all the wrong reasons).