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    ollywood.  The land of big dreams, big personalities and big fat historical mistakes that are so deeply ingrained in the incestuous industry that is film-making that no one bats an eye at these ridiculous errors.  Personally?  They drive … Continue reading

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  YEAH you have.  And if today is one of them then I hope this helps.  And if today isn’t one of them, then I hope you remember this the next time it is one of those days and that … Continue reading

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  *WARNING* If you are easily grossed out then you should probably avert your eyes and close this tab in your browser immediately because what follows is really, really gross.  It’s not gory or violent but it is absolutely nasty.  … Continue reading

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  Have you ever noticed the suggestions that pop up when you search on google?  Sure you have.  Have you ever noticed how weird some of them are?  Google turns up some seriously funny search suggestions.  Yesterday I was looking … Continue reading

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I get bored rather easily.  Don’t get me wrong, I can become engrossed in things and before I know it the entire day has slipped away, but if not properly stimulated I become very, very bored.  Boredom is a dangerous … Continue reading

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