The Fine Art of the Balancing Act


balancing act


I JUST REALIZED I haven’t posted an Art For All download since February!  Shame on me!  When I forget things like that it begins to make me think I have too many things on my plate…but, oh, how I love my balancing act.

I HONESTLY have no idea which passion I would give up if I had to choose.  Photography?  NEVER!  Kisses & Chaos?  Over my dead body.  Reiki?  No way.  Being the Art Editor for All Things Girl?  Nope.  Crafting & creating?  I’d go insane without it.  Chloe + Isabel?  Not a chance.  I gave up my role as investigator/photographer for my old paranormal team, RVPRI, when I got married (since weekends are the only quality time my honey and I get…and I wouldn’t trade that for the world) and I still miss it something fierce.


balancing act


THEY’RE ALL SUCH BELOVED PIECES of my life that I can’t imagine sacrificing any of them.  So I suppose that means I need to improve my list-making and time management skills instead.  If you have any pointers for productivity or how to organize my cluttered and mile-a-minute mind I would love to hear them.  Seriously.  I need them like Lenny needs Squiggy, like the Dukes need the General Lee, or, for a less dated pop-culture reference, like Mulder needs Scully…wait…that’s still dated.  Hell.  I don’t know…how about like Don Draper needs an Old Fashioned.  Yeah.  That’ll work.

But I digress.

THAT PICTURE AT THE TOP of this post?  That one there at the tippity top that’s all pretty and soft and filled with outer space?  That’s for you.  Save it.  Print it.  Email it to a friend.  Enjoy it and know that I adore each and every one of you.  In case I haven’t told you lately, you are unique and amazing and the world is a better place because of you. Believe it.

(Just do me a favor and don’t claim it as your own or sell it okay?  And if you post it elsewhere or share it on facebook please include a link back here.  Fair enough?  It’s Basic Karma 101 so do the nice thing, you dig?  Of course you do, you gorgeous thing.)


Kisses & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick


PS – I wasn’t kidding about that productivity thing.  Help a gal out, would ya?


images ::  original image – nasa  ::  light and stars (nasa remix) – alli woods frederick  ::  the balancing act – karrah kobus  :: 
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