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    FROM WINTER BLOOMS SPRING; from despair arises joy.  We are a constant succession of deaths and rebirths.  We are born anew day after day. We cycle like the seasons. AND NO MATTER how dark the path we walk … Continue reading

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    IT’S A LITTLE KNOW fact that Billy Idol, punk rock pioneer and rock n’ roll heartthrob wants to change your life for the better…one song lyric at a time.  It’s true. Billy Idol wants to change your life. … Continue reading

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    IF YOU FOLLOW ME on Facebook or Twitter then you already know about the killer sale I’m running today. FOR TODAY ONLY until 11:59pm CST you can get your copy of 52 Doses: A Prescription for 52 Weeks … Continue reading

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    A FEW WEEKS AGO, while driving down the road, I noticed a small flutter on the side of the road that I initially thought to be a leaf…but as I drew near I saw it was a baby … Continue reading

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    AND SINCE TOMORROW is a mystery, it’s always worth living.  Every single day is amazing.  Greet it with love, hope and curious anticipation of a future not yet written.  Recall all the different ways your days have unfolded … Continue reading

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