The Sun is a Fascist Dictator


rainy days


THE SUN IS A FASCIST DICTATOR.  Yeah I said it and it’s 1,000,000% true…at least in my book.

THE SUN DEMANDS your attention.  It’s bright, blinding and inescapable.  It streams into your window in the morning whether you want it to or not…and it gives you wrinkles.

IT’S THAT LOUD KID IN YOUR DRAMA CLASS that sings American Pie but only as a Monty Python character because they need to be the “special one.”  It’s the bratty, spoiled, over-indulged only child of the daytime sky and it refuses to be ignored.  “Oh can you not see the color of the stop light?  Too bad!  I’m the sun and I’m more important than traffic safety.  Bask in my glory.”

IN SHORT, it drives me crazy.  I find it completely oppressive.  I feel like it’s screaming at me:


– the sun


I REALIZE there are many of you that love the sun.  You adore suntans and warm days and beautiful blue skies (which I’m all for…if only they didn’t come with the damnable sunshine).  It makes you dance and sing and shoot magical rainbows out your ass because that’s the magic of sunny days.  You have tons of energy (probably from all the stupid vitamin D the sky dictator graciously showers upon you) to go bike riding and jogging and all those other things that sun-induced insanity produces.


rainy days


I PREFER those glorious overcast grey days.  They gently nudge you awake.  They whisper in you ear (ha! I originally typed that as “whisper in your rear.” This is why I proofread.) saying…

“Good morning gorgeous. I’ll bet a cup of coffee sounds divine, doesn’t it?  It’s cool.  Take your time, after all, you have plenty of it, so just relax and ease into your day, dear.”

…and then gives you a kiss on the forehead.

GREY DAYS give you permission to go out, stay in, be productive or relax with a mental health day.  You can curl up with a good book, kick back with an X-Files marathon, go catch a matinee, or take advantage of the gently diffused light with an impromptu photo shoot.


rain days


GREY RAINY DAYS relax.  They calm.  They sooth.  The sound of rain has a meditative quality that brings a gentle smile to the face.  They allow you to breath deeply, rest without guilt and rejuvenate.  It’s like being wrapped in Mother Nature’s blanket of warm fuzzy goodness…and it’s divine.

SURE A NICE SUNNY DAY is good for a drive through the country with the windows down and ELO’s Mr. Blue Skies blaring on the stereo, but that’s about it.  (Okay…it’s good for amusement park visits too…no one wants to ride a roller coaster during a thunderstorm.)

FROM MYSTERY & INTRIGUE to calm & relaxation – these are overcast days gifts to the world.

Long live the grey day.

AND IN CASE YOU couldn’t guess…today is sunny as hell.  Screw you sunshine…and I mean that in the most loving way possible.

So which do you prefer:  sunny or grey?  Clear or rainy?

Kisses & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick

images ::  original image via the future buzz  ::  field of poppies – peter daems  ::    via inspire2go  ::  4977 – Tom Wasilewski  ::
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  • Obviously, I agree.

    • As well you should.

      As well you should.

  • Overcast days are my favorite! And stormy days (until it knocks out my power!).

    • You and me both! I love the sound of rain on the roof and the gentle roll of thunder…*sigh*

  • All I can say is, Amen! Lol