Happy Birthday, Mischa!


Happy Birthday, Mischa



APRIL fifteenth was my beloved Mischa’s birthday.  *Drum roll, please.*  He is now fifteen years old! But I think we can all agree he doesn’t look a day over eight.  And for those of you who have the unique honor of knowing him well and being on the receiving end of his love & his affectionate but forcefull head-butts (looking at you Rob and Dan) then you know he most certainly doesn’t act his age.  As frisky as a kitten, him, and just as cute.


Happy Birthday, Mischa


I SHOT THIS VIDEO late the other night before bed.  He always falls asleep before I do…but he’s just so damn precious I had to record this.  It’s not action packed, but it certainly might make you understand just how adorable and amazing he is – his grasp of the English language is better than most college seniors.  It’s a fact.  There’s a Harvard study that proves it.  Seriously.  He’s the only cat I know that will lay his head down and go back to sleep when told (he also minds more and has better manners than most children I know).




SO here’s to my Mischa.  Happy birthday, sweetie.  Here’s to fifteen amazing years and wishing that you have at least sixty more.  I have plans for my 90th birthday and I fully expect you to be there to celebrate with me.  I may even let you sit on top of my head like you used to do when you were a kitten.  Wouldn’t that be a sight…  You’ve been by my side through incredibly beautiful and incredibly terrible moments and you’ve been there with unwavering love making all of it better.  I don’t even know how to begin to repay you.  Bottomless cans of tuna would be a start, I’m sure.  I love you, you adorable little furball.  Happiest of happy birthdays.


Kisses & Chaos,
Alli Woods Frederick


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