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        I know it’s been an eternity (and I have missed you like crazy).  I have my reasons, all of which will come to light as time progresses but there’s time for that later.  For now, let’s … Continue reading

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      haven’t done a music post in ages and lately, for some reason, I keep thinking about 120 Minutes.  For the uninitiated or who are too young to have been blessed with an MTV that actually showed music … Continue reading

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    FUNNY how you never really realize everything you do with your mouth until you can’t really use it anymore.  Case in point?  The aftermath of novocaine. I had dental work yesterday and it suddenly struck me how truly … Continue reading

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISCHA! APRIL fifteenth was my beloved Mischa’s birthday.  *Drum roll, please.*  He is now fifteen years old! But I think we can all agree he doesn’t look a day over eight.  And for those of you … Continue reading

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      Kisses & Chaos, Alli Woods Frederick   image  ::  dance production – neo wei  ::

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