Hidden Inside: Project 52


hidden inside


THERE WERE SO MANY WAYS to interpret this week’s Project 52 theme, “Inside.”  I knew I didn’t want to go for the obvious so instead this is what I created:


THEME:  Inside 
TITLE:  “ …waiting…

hidden inside


WE ALL HAVE THINGS that are hidden inside us.  Pieces of us that we tuck away and keep quietly to ourselves – some of us do it out of fear, some out of shame, some out of sadness, some out of a need for privacy, some out of hope. 

SOME ARE dark secrets, some are dreams, some are traumas, some are loves, some are heartbreaks and some are all of those combined and so much more, but we all have them tucked away, nestled someplace safe where we keep them from the world, waiting for the day we can let them out, the day we can free them; free ourselves; free our hearts; free our souls of the all that we keep inside.

SADLY, some of us never release them.  Some of us keep them hidden inside forever – never freeing ourselves from the burden of a guilty conscience; never releasing our hopes and dreams to fly free; never letting go of our pain; never sharing our heart with the one we love. 

SOME OF US keep them inside waiting for the right time.  The funny thing about right times is that they never arrive…neither do somedays.  They both live in a future that never arrives, remaining forever out of reach. 

SO THE WAITING that we tell ourselves is only temporary stretches on into eternity, every opportunity to release what’s hidden inside slips away and we are left with lifetimes’ worth of what-ifs and if-onlys.


Kisses & Chaos,
Alli Woods Frederick


image  ::  “ …waiting… ” © 2014 alli woods frederick  for the haus of chaos::
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