It’s F*ck It Friday. Yup. You Heard Me.


F*ck It Friday


*disclaimer:  this post contains an a-typical amount of f-bombs.  you’ve been warned.  if you find such language offensive and won’t be able to overlook it, I suggest you skip today’s post and come back tomorrow for less adult language.*

I CAN HEAR YOU NOW:  “Don’t you mean F*ck Yeah, Friday?”  Nope.  Not today.  I’m tired of the belief that is instilled in professional bloggers that they can’t have bad days; that we have to always be cheery or cutely sarcastic and write in our “true” voice (and yet so many voices sound so very much the same)…and who the hell says that shooting sunshine out your ass 24/7 is the least bit true let alone relatable to you, the readers?  Even the most diehard optimist has days where they just want to say “F*ck It.”


f*ck it friday


EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US have shitty days and I’m sick to my back teeth of an industry populated by so many people pretending otherwise.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to write posts that are overflowing with pissing and moaning about my personal life and list off all the things I hate.  No, no, no.  And I certainly don’t advocate those train wrecks in progress blogs where people air all their extremely personal laundry for the world to see.  It’s more than a little twisted to delight in other people’s pain and chaos and I’ll have no part in it.

I JUST THINK IT’S ridiculous that so many bloggers pretend to have these perfect lives that they’ve acquired through affirmations and positive thinking.  I’m calling bullshit.  We have bad days too and I think it’s a disservice to readers to pretend otherwise.  Yes affirmations and positive thinking have their place and accomplish good things, but to not acknowledge the bad shit, the real shit can make readers feel flawed.

“I say daily affirmations and practice the law of attraction and gratitude but my life isn’t like Blogger-X’s.  My dreams don’t all come true.  What’s wrong with me?”

FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT FEEL THAT WAY I assure you there’s nothing wrong with you.  You’re human.  You’re a f*cking human being and you’re allowed to have shit go wrong.  We all are.  No one’s life is perfect, no matter how much they pretend otherwise online.


F*ck It Friday


SO I HOPE THAT TODAY you’ll join me in saying “F*ck it!” this Friday.  Let it out.  Vent.  Embrace your pissed-off-edness.  I mean, don’t go around punching people and slashing tires, but when something goes wrong and you’re mad, be mad.  And then tell the anger inducing thing/person/event to F*CK OFF!  (If it’s a person that’s pushing your buttons I suggest you wait until you have a moment to yourself and then scream it…we’re not looking for fights, confrontation or to spread the misery around.  Just to accept and release our own inner F*ck This/F*ck It/F*ck You/F*ck Off.)

AND JUST IN CASE YOU’RE DEAD SET on practicing gratitude then be grateful for the fact that you can say F*ck It and that it’s perfectly okay for you to have a less than stellar day.  I’m having a craptacular day and I would love nothing more than to test the urban legend about dropping pennies off the Empire State building – but I don’t live in NYC or anywhere with a building more than seven stories tall so today I’ll be joining the chorus of those of you that choose to chant along today.


So say it loud.  Say it proud.  Say it with me now…



F*ck It Friday


I HOPE YOU HAVE an emotionally freeing Friday that brings you peace from the release ‘cause I love you like that.  And if today is a rockin’ day then rock it, baby, enjoy your day and save your F*ck It for a day that deserves it.  Happy F*ckin’ Friday, my dears.


Kisses & Chaos,
Alli Woods Frederick


images  ::  f bomb by banalities  ::   fuck this shit by sin-nombre  ::  source unknown and I hate not knowing the source.  as a fellow photographer it kills me to not be able to give credit so if this photo belongs to you please contact me so I can credit you.  ::


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