Inspiration and Storytelling

Inspiration and Storytelling



I DON’T really have much in the way of words when it comes to this week’s Project 52 image.  You know I’m generally not one to delve into explanations of my work.

FIFTY PERCENT of what I create is intensely personal and an expression of internal dialogues that I feel compelled to catalog and use to tell a story.  The other fifty percent is external; moments of time and outer influences that I feel compelled to catalog and use to tell a story.

AS TO what that story is…I usually prefer to leave the storytelling to you, the viewer.  I want my work to whisper to the parts of you that need and want to hear; to give voice to the parts of you that usually keep silent; to connect with the thoughts and feelings that you keep secret.  I want the story to be yours, not mine.

SO IF you’ve ever wondered why I don’t share the inspirations for my creations, that’s why.  Like the punch line of a joke, if I explain it then it loses its impact.  It’s for you and for me – so we each take what we need instead of what we’re told.


Theme: Soft
Title:  “…my heart shall not pass through…”

Inspiration and Storytelling


AND that’s all I have to say about that…


Kisses & Chaos,
Alli Woods Frederick


image  ::  “…my heart shall not pass through…” © 2014 alli woods frederick.  all rights reserved.  use in any way, shape or form without express written permission from yours truly is expressly forbidden.  please don’t incur my wrath (or karma’s) by stealing it…if you want to use it, ask.  it’s pretty damn easy to send an email and ask.  thanking you in advance for being an honest and totally kickass person. xox  ::
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