Love Is In The Air: Daryl and Beth on The Walking Dead


Daryl and Beth on The Walking Dead



I THINK I’ve waited long enough for you to catch up on all the “Whoa.” of the past two weeks of The Walking Dead.  Two weeks is ample time and if you aren’t caught up and keep reading then you’re about to get a heaping helping of spoilers.  So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

SO WHY, after several seasons of the show, am I posting about it now?  Because I must discuss the topic that has everyone’s tongues wagging:


 The Budding Romance of Daryl and Beth on The Walking Dead

Daryl and Beth on The Walking Dead


SO AS WE KNOW from Still (the previous episode) Daryl and Beth had some MAJOR bonding moments and some real breakthroughs as far as coming to terms with the mountains of emotions they’ve been dragging around with them; his wounds old, her wounds fresh.  And when I say major, I mean MAJOR.


Daryl and Beth on The Walking Dead


I DON’T KNOW about you but when they were outside the house having their drunken scream-fest (and the least affective archery lesson ever) I kept waiting for them to kiss…the sexual tension was more out of control than Justin Bieber’s driving.

THE FIGHT, which could have gone wrong in oh-so-many ways, turned out to be a beautiful, pivotal moment in their relationship.  (And am I the only one who could hear every woman with daddy issues that was watching collectively think “I can fix him…” during this scene?  Surely not.)


Daryl and Beth on The Walking Dead


And how does a perfect episode end?  With the perfect scene, of course.

IN WHAT was, quite possibly, the best scene in Walking Dead history, Beth and Daryl share an ultimate moment of uber-catharsis as they symbolically destroy their pasts and give birth to new beginnings with the complete torching of their hideout followed by a beautiful one finger salute to all the bullsh*t and pain they’re leaving behind.


Daryl and Beth on The Walking Dead


Enter last week’s episode, Alone:

Daryl and Beth on The Walking Dead
DARYL’S feelings for Beth emerge and it’s written all over his face as he watches her sing.  That man is so head over heels it isn’t even funny…and it’s heart breaking.  I know exactly how Daryl was feeling and what he was thinking laying there…listening…because it’s how I’ve felt for so much of my life.  He was thinking about his own worth, about his past, about her goodness and about how he doesn’t think he can ever be enough for her.  The look on his face said it all.  I know him like I know myself.

AND IN true Walking Dead style, just when things are looking safe and good and happy and warm all hell breaks loose.  Of.  F**king.  Course.  And Daryl is alone and broken once again.  Every time he opens his heart he is promptly stabbed in the chest.  Isn’t that always the way?


Daryl and Beth on The Walking Dead


But what about Carol?  Carol and Daryl are meant for each other!

Daryl and Beth on The Walking Dead

FOR A long time I rooted for Daryl and Carol to get together.  I wanted them to have each other; to love each other; to not be alone, but now I see the error in my ways.  Now I see Daryl and Carol for what they truly were and why it could never work…


Daryl and Carol were too much alike.  They were peas in a dysfunctional pod.

Daryl and Beth on The Walking Dead

SHE was abused and the once victim became hard. Super-hard.  Like burn-you-alive-for-being-sick hard.  She was a mirror for Daryl.  Their pain and sadness created from pasts filled with suffering bound them to each other and though it created a strong bond, it would never be a happy one; it would never be a healthy one.


Daryl and Beth on The Walking Dead


Daryl & Carol just got each other…that’s all…and that was fine for them at the time.

BUT BETH…Beth is hope; Beth is goodness, a symbol of everything he wanted but never thought he deserved, that he never thought he could have and yet there she is accepting him and loving him, flaws and all.


Beth and Daryl are good for each other.

Daryl and Beth on The Walking Dead

THEY bring out the best in each other.  He empowers her.  He allows her to be strong and make decisions.  She allows him to be open…even if his version of openness is still grunting & grumbling.  And there’s no way in hell, after decades of feeling unloved and unworthy, he’s going to let her disappear from his life.  He’s going to fight…and he’s going to win (of course that’s the hopeless romantic in me talking…as we know no one is safe in this show, regardless of how beloved the character is).

ONE thing’s for sure:  it’s going to be very interesting when all three of them arrive at Terminus.  There may well be a Carol and Beth catfight on our hands.

What side are you on?  Are you Team Carol or Team Beth?
Come on and let’s dish and debate in the comments.


Bloody Kisses & Walker Chaos,
Alli Woods Frederick


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  • Megandowntherabbithole

    You know though, I’m beginning to wonder if it wasn’t Carol that burned those people. I’m starting to wonder if she’s covering for the bunny killing, baby almost-smothering little girl that she was so protective of. Parts of me find Beth a little annoying, but there’s also a purity about her. And yeah…the look on his face…..

    • There’s no way that kid was strong enough to drag a grown man and woman outside to burn them, no matter how psycho she is…but she is for sure psycho beyond belief & was totally the one killing the bunnies and feeding the walkers. I feel awful for saying it but I really hope she dies. I’ve heard people say she’s like Carl in season 2, but no way, no day…that girl is too far gone and her brain is dancing all happy and twisted in the land of psychopaths. But I just know she’s going to do something completely jacked and deadly before she goes. She gives a whole new meaning to the words Twisted Sister. As for Carol, she turned a major corner and has shut off emotions in exchange for survival & she seems to be very Darwinian about it…if you can’t fend for yourself or are a threat then you’re dead, be it at the hands of a walker or hers. Oddly it comes from a place of love but she seems to have learned to compartmentalize in a way you don’t see with your average Joe.
      And yeah…the look on his face spoke volumes…I just wrote a HUGE response (and elaborated in a big way in a discussion with a Team Carol) over on my facebook page if you want to weigh in there….it’s just way too much to post it all here too…
      yeah…the look on his face…I’ve worn that expression myself on an occasion or two. These two just may dethrone my beloved Glenn and Maggie…(but man I threw a party when Lori died…crappy mom, crappy wife, glad to see her go)

  • Megandowntherabbithole

    You’re right, there’s no way that little girl could have dragged them, but I still think she might have started something that Carol had to finish to protect her. And yes, she’s definitely going way beyond last-season Carl psycho. He was irritating (my friend once posted that Carl was “the Jar-jar Binks of The Walking Dead”) but that kid is gonna end up in serial killer territory.
    Not gonna lie….I secretly was glad when they killed Lori off too, although not as happy as when Shane went.

    • hahahahaha…jar-jar binks. Yeah…if I had a dollar for every time I screamed “STAY IN THE F**KING HOUSE, CARL!” that season I would have my own yacht and tropical island. Shane I felt bad for…all he ever tried to do was take care of Lori and Carl, even if his methods weren’t noble…she’s the *insert looooong string of profanities here* that started the problem. If she hadn’t been selfish and just mourned the death of her husband instead of bumping uglies with his best friend the second she “found out” he was dead none of it ever would have happened. She made a big ol’ bed of lies and bad decisions and then everyone had to lay in it. But I am so glad I wasn’t the only one cheering for her death. God, we sound so sick, don’t we? Hehehe…

  • Team Beth all the way. I used to wonder if Carol and Daryl would get together…but it seems like they just ended up in the friend zone? I felt like the wishful romance was always more on Carol’s mind than Daryl’s. I was super excited after watching the “Still” episode and love the idea of Beth and Daryl together. And as everyone else has been saying…the look on his face…you nailed it! Now I’m all in a panic for him (and for Beth!) after watching the most recent episode. I just wanna give him a big hug, hop on a motorcycle, and find her. Can’t wait for Sunday!

    • HOORAY TEAM BETH! And you aren’t the only one waiting impatiently for Sunday. I’m counting the days, which, thank god, aren’t many. And I think you’re right about the friend zone. Carol’s more of a kindred spirit than a love interest, though I don’t doubt that he cared deeply for her. I do want to make an official prediction: The “Gang” (run by Jeff Kober) orchestrated the attack on the house. It was a setup, they lured the walkers there and they are the ones that kidnapped Beth…and them finding Daryl was no coincidence either…and I have a feeling all hell is about to break loose…well…not this week because that would be too easy, but as soon as Daryl connects the dots, oh yeah, baby, it’s ON.

      • Oh man, I’m so fucking scared for Beth! I think you’re right about what’s going to happen though. This show is going to have me on meds before it’s over.

        • They should send out bottles of xanax with the start of each new season.

  • Elichou


  • Nicole


  • ailen

    100% bethyl :3

  • Deija

    This article is sooo on point. This is everything I’ve been trying to explain to hardcore carol and Daryl supporters. You got it exactly right!

    • thank you. 🙂

  • HforC

    This isn’t twilight. It’s obvious Daryl would stay single because he’s clearly not ready for a relationship. they were boring, awkward, and super immature together. also she’s a teen and he is a grown ass all need to wake up

    • Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion, but in the future, if you want to participate in conversations here I ask that you speak respectfully and constructively. Rude and/or aggressive comments are discouraged here. You are more than welcome to express a differing opinion as long as it is done with thoughtfulness and respect and in the interest of encouraging conversation and healthy debate.

      Thank you. 🙂

  • Chelsey

    Bethyl Bethyl Bethyl! They ARE the one true pairing. Carol and Daryl are more like siblings. Even Norman Reedus said Carol is like Daryl’s sister. Bethyl is every romantic trope imaginable. They’re meant to be! Can’t wait to see them reunite!

    • I could have waited a lifetime for that reunion.
      I. Am. Devastated.l.
      I will be posting on the tragic events as soon as I’ve had time to process it and reflect on what it is going to mean emotionally and psychologically to the group…and Daryl.

  • Elizabeth

    Team Bethyl

    • *sniffle sniffle*
      oh who am I kidding.
      *sob sob sob*
      I will be posting on the tragic events as soon as I’ve had time to process it and reflect on what it is going to mean emotionally and psychologically to the group…and Daryl.

      • Elizabeth

        Are you still planning on doing that?

        • I absolutely am. Believe it or not I’m still processing it all…and trying to imagine the psychology behind the act, the impact it will have on Daryl and the others, what it symbolized (if anything). I want to write it from a place of love, respect for the characters’ & their journeys and thougthful consideration because it deserves it. Anything I write now will be rife with bitterness, anger, disgust and heartbreak. Beth embodied love, hope and gentle strength and I want my post to honor that. But it will be written before the midseason premier on February 8th…that I promise.

          • Scarlett

            That’s totally understandable and I can’t wait to read it 🙂

          • I just watched the mid-season finale again to try to begin to solidify my thoughts. I think I need one more viewing before I put pen to paper (so to speak)…there’s just so much that does and doesn’t make sense. That whole story arc is such a train wreck I need to make sure I’m as sure as I can be but some thoughts are beginning to take shape. It won’t be much longer. (And thank you for hanging in there and being so patient with me, Scarlett.) <3

          • Thanks for your patience. It’s all ready to go…and just in time for Sunday’s premier. I hope you enjoy it. ????

        • And it is now done. I know it took me ages, but at least I got my thoughts oranized and posted before the premier on Sunday. Here you go, I hope you enjoy it. ?