The Sound of Longing, Magical Ink Pens & Gypsy Caravans


the sound of longing

sound of longing


FOR some reason June always seems like a busy month with barely a moment to just sit back and relax.  This month I had my first solo exhibit, .transmutations., at Fayetteville Underground; I had a ton of wedding photos to edit for one of the sweetest couples;  I spent a morning speaking about creativity and inspiration with some young writers who are participating in Kidswrite (they asked lots of questions and I didn’t get laughed at so I consider it a wild success);  there was the Small Town Security Take Over of Kisses & Chaos last week as well as my birthday on the 25th (which was actually really fun – details coming soon).  It may not sound like much but all those things are time intensive and boy was I ever busy.  I blinked and June was gone.

So just incase your June was anything like mine, I hereby give you permission to relax by putting your feet up and enjoying this ton of entertaining, educational, beautiful, weird and random stuff I came across on the glorious interweb this month. 

So I now leave you to fall down the proverbial rabbit hole with these Kisses & Chaos approved…




“American Horror Story: Freakshow” teaser.  Enough said.  *  Sick and tired of the internet’s Big Brother approach to advertising?  You can opt out of internet companies’ uber-intrusive tracking.  Truth.  Browse and shop in peace, my children.  *


magic pen from the future


*  An ink pen that lets you scan a color and then custom blends its inks to IMMEDIATELY produce that very same color inside that very same pen for you to write with…immediately?  Holy.  Sh*t.  Welcome to the future.  *  Delta Airlines’ new 80s inspired inflight safety film is sheer genius.  ALF putting on an oxygen mask?  Check.  *  We’ve all heard you should never wash your jeans.  But did you know you should be freezing them?  Yeah.  Me neither.  *  I’m actually considering revisiting my makeup brand of choice from when I was 12 years old – Wet n’ Wild – thanks to this foundation review (and for the record, I NEVER wear foundation because I’m super-white & it always looks awful on me but…well…just look at her photos and you’ll see why my interest is piqued).  * 




One night on the Colbert Report it was mentioned that a book, California (a critically acclaimed novel about love in the apocalypse by Edan Lepucki) isn’t available on Amazon, nor will it be, because (and it was a long explanation so I won’t recount it here) Amazon is destroying the careers of lesser known authors through their business model.  The book sounds amazing and we should all buy a copy and tell Amazon to suck it– by making it a best-seller through an independent book seller…which you can do by clicking here.  *  To say I’m in love with Romany Caravan’s repurposed, perfectly rusted, industrial nightlights is putting it mildly.  They make me wish I was afraid of the dark.  *




*  And while I was searching for Romany Caravan the company I found a ton of Romany Caravans, the vardos.  I’m a nomadic gypsy by nature and have wanted a vardo for roughly twenty years.  This is why.  *  So I’m writing this on Friday, but you’re reading this on Monday which makes this a bit of a Schrodinger’s Cat moment since, as of right now (right now being the moment I’m writing this) I haven’t decided if I’m going to this tomorrow night or not which means I have both attended and not attended simultaneously…but I am intrigued by the concept behind NY based artist Sondra R. Perry’s performance and video installation, New Theories on Anti-Gravity.  Curiosity & love of art may win out over my introversion.  *  HSPs (or Highly Sensitive People) can be a challenge to understand for non-HSPs.  We process sensory information differently which can make us a little tricky to understand.  Odds are you have at least one HSP in your life.  Learn more about HSPs and what makes us tick (and maybe help you get less annoyed with us in the process) *


moss bathmat


*  A moss bathmat that lives off the moisture from your post-shower wetness?!  Oh hell yes.  And you can even make your own and avoid the $200 price tag of the fancy store bought mat.  *  Watching a chimp being released into the wild is amazing, but watching one stop to thank Jane Goodall (one of my lifelong heroes) with a hug is guaranteed to make you tear up.  Just beautiful.  *  Sephora had the gall to discontinue their amazing liquid eyeliner (and the only liner I’ve been using for the past 5 years), Long Lasting Eyeliner.  I’ve always been asked how I get such purrrfect cat eyes and that liner was key.  I’ve yet to find its equal.  So I’m trying to start a one woman campaign to bring it back by tweeting, emailing, posting, etc, begging them for its swift return. If you’ve ever tried this product then you understand the agony this is causing. Liquid gold for $12 a bottle. It’s a god damn tragedy I tell ya.  Feel free to support my vanity and join me in my efforts to bring it back.  If Family Guy can be brought back after being cancelled, so can my eyeliner, damn it.  *  Finally, on this last day of June, I want to end the day with two songs: 

1) a soft, summery, holding hands while laying naked under the stars and watching fireflies dance between kisses song , “The Sea and The Rhythm” by Iron & Wine and



2) a haunting, hypnotic, heartbreaking, song that is the auditory equivalent of a dimly lit, candle-filled room where the air is thick with incense and the sound of longing and the old wooden floors have been stained with a century of blood and tears – “We Hit A Wall” by Chelsea Wolfe.




Junebug Kisses & Hot Summer Chaos,
Alli Woods Frederick



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