Today Is A Twofer! F*ck Yeah & F*ck It Friday


Today is a twofer


BECAUSE some weeks are a mix of the amazing and the craptacular, today is a twofer. I give you the first ever joint edition of…

Today is a twofer

Today is a twofer


As to which are the f*ck yeahs and which are the f*ck its, I’ll leave it to you to decide (though most will be admittedly obvious).  So welcome to my mixed bag, my darling dears.  And feel free to share your own F*ck Yeahs or F*ck Its in the comments below because venting is just as important as spreading love.  And that’s a fact, Jack.  Muwha!


Today is a twofer


Teddy Roosevelt battling Bigfoot…come on…you know that just made your week.  *  Reconnecting with someone I’ve missed and cared about for years that I never thought I would get to connect with again.  *  Trying something new and really, really liking it.  *  Still getting excited when I think about the return of Twin Peaks…  *


Today is a twofer


*  …Not to mention the return of Star Wars. (Am I the only one who wants the giant pig dog thing as a pet?  How cute is it?)   *  Mending fences.  *  Rediscovering my love of Constant Comment black tea (to fill in for my impossible to get around here Twinings)  *  Grandma’s birthday.  *  This post about leggings that not only manages to body shame but slut shame…while being completely obnoxious with rudeness guised as humor – a trifecta!  I would love to tell you to read the comments which were rife with shockingly vitriolic body & slut shaming remarks but the author evidently didn’t like the backlash she and her fellow uber-judgmental commenters were receiving and deleted them.  But lucky for you I have one sitting in my inbox…which I will now gladly share.  This comment comes courtesy of one Markus, who seems to have some very clear (and archaic) views on gender roles and who he blames for men being unable to control their wandering eyes and lust issues.  Welcome to 1952, boys and girls. *eye roll*:


“…First of all, fashion or not, there is nothing classy about wearing leggings as pants, you might as well just paint your lower half and walk around naked. If you want to find a good guy who will treat you right, wear clothes that makes him want to look at your face when he talks with you. Put down your smart phone and have some hobbies that will create interesting conversation that can capture his attention instead of just your gorgeous body. It’s not secret that women are beautiful, which I appreciate very much; but I don’t want to see your nice curves all the time. I try to keep my mind occupied with clean thoughts and sometimes leggings make that difficult. Ladies, especially if you are married, I ask you to seriously reconsider wearing these things out in public without covering up with something else…. I know, I’ve heard it a million times, “I just want to look good, it’s not about getting the attention of men..” Yeah okay..well guess what, you’re getting it. When I see a ring on your finger I feel bad for you, your husbands, and your children, because I know the kinds of thoughts an comments that a lot of guys make. We live in a society that is tainted with objectification, marriages are disregarded by men on the prowl only looking to satisfy their physical appetites, your daughters are being looked at the same way. I’m only saying this because I still care. These should not be worn as pants alone.”


yeah…I warned you.  *  Getting gifts ready for giving.  I seriously love giving presents, more than I like getting them.  I especially love giving handmade and/or really thoughtful, sentimental gifts (I know people cringe at handmade gifts, but mine are f*cking rad).  I just love to make the people I love happy.  *  People who refuse listen to what I’m saying, resulting in repeating myself over and over and over and still they just don’t get it.  Truly migraine inducing sh*t. *  People pissing in my cheerios.  You don’t have to share my excitement, but you don’t have to try and ruin it either.  *  Keira Knightly’s ill conceived topless Photoshop protest failure (which I actually wrote a big ol’ article about but won’t bother posting because artist Molly Crabapple already nailed it…and with far more eloquence and beauty than I had mustered.)  *  The joy of discovering a new book series and the pain of trying to read them slowly to prolong the pleasure (which I am totally failing at despite my best efforts…they’re just so damn good).  *  My beloved Lil Bub, feline extraordinaire, meeting a tiger (and for those who are concerned, the funny stuttering noise the tiger is making is called a chuffle and it’s a sign of affection).  For those unfamiliar with Lil Bub you can find out all about her truly amazing story here.  Have tissues handy.  And just a little bit of random Mischa trivia:  Mischa grew up with baby tigers (along with a baby leopard, baby skunks, baby possums, piglets…but he liked the tigers and leopard the best).  He’s had a very interesting life for a little four legged furball from Texas.  *



Kisses & Chaos,
Alli Woods Frederick


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