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    ho is Nattskiftet?  Nattskiftet is the brainchild of Lisen Haglund and she’s a badass.  I came across her work on Instagram forever and a day ago and it was love at first sight.  And since I like to … Continue reading

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        THIS post was originally going to be all about freedom of expression and artists being bullied into needless apologies in the name of political correctness.  And then Mischa started grooming himself and making funny faces so … Continue reading

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    BECAUSE some weeks are a mix of the amazing and the craptacular, today is a twofer. I give you the first ever joint edition of…   As to which are the f*ck yeahs and which are the f*ck … Continue reading

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    *disclaimer:  this post contains an a-typical amount of f-bombs.  you’ve been warned.  if you find such language offensive and won’t be able to overlook it, I suggest you skip today’s post and come back tomorrow for less adult … Continue reading

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