Feeling Weird: Maybe The Pisces Moon Is To Blame

Pisces Moon
Earlier this week I noticed a strange shift in energy.  Maybe you noticed it too.  I had gone from happy & upbeat to dour & in the dumps for no reason at all – at least not any reason I could think of.  I also came down with a cold & started having hyper-vivid dreams (which I chalked up to being under the weather).

I was talking to my friend, life coach Deb Smouse, the other day and I filled her in on all the weirdness. A little while later she shot me a note on twitter: 

“Having strange dreams? The moon in Pisces may be to blame.”


Curiosity piqued. Come to find out EVERYTHING that had been going on in my life was a “symptom” of the moon in Pisces.


So what, exactly, happens when the moon is in Pisces?


Pisces Moon



It controls everything.  Our mood takes center stage while rational thought…wait…what’s this rational thought of which you speak?  Yup.  It pretty much vanishes as our heart takes control of all our decision making. We become highly empathic and want to help those who are hurting during a Pisces moon. It can be easy to take on the pain and suffering of those around us.  This can a problem for some of us because when the moon is in Pisces our mood can take a sharp turn towards the melancholy. We may find ourselves feeling overwhelmingly sad and unable to pinpoint why.

The Pisces moon also causes a surge in creativity along with that boost in empathy. This can be a great to focus on creative projects (or should I say TRY to focus – we’ll address our concentration in a moment).  It can also cause hyper-vivid dreams. (See how this is all starting to fit together?)  Since we are more intuitive during this time period they may or may not be worth paying attention to…only you know for sure.



Pisces Moon


The moon in Pisces also manifests as…wait…what was I talking about?  I forgot what I was saying because I saw something shiny outside which made me think of this book I read and it was so sad.  Boohoo.  Oh yeah! The moon in Pisces also manifests as distraction.  We have a hard time focusing.  Concentration takes a big ol’ flying leap out the window.  Between the moodiness & lack of focus it’s a miracle if anything gets done at all.  Our productivity takes a major hit right in the kisser which sucks in a big way since we’re overflowing with inspiration.

We’re also more susceptible to colds, flus and viruses in general during this time.  Batten down our immune system’s hatches by taking our vitamins (zinc is a great one for fending off & getting over little bugs…at the first sign of a sniffle I start taking Zicam and it works like a charm!), drinking lots of orange juice and getting a good night’s sleep.  As delicious as your friend’s eggnog chai with whipped cream and caramel drizzle might seem, resist the urge to take a sip…grab one for yourself & reduces the risk of catching a cold.


How to channel a Pisces moon


So now that we know a little about how it affects us, what can we do about it? Here are some of the best ways to channel the energy of the moon in Pisces:


Pisces Moon



Give all that dreamy, mood-enhancing energy the outlet it deserves.  Write a poem.  Paint.  Draw.  Put on a one woman play for the neighbors.  Take up busking like this fella did.  Whatever you do, create.


Pisces Moon



Light some candles, put a couple of drops of lavender oil in the water, turn on some bliss inducing Sigur Ros (or whatever will help you drift away on big billowy clouds of yesssss) and relax.


Pisces Moon



…or, if you suck at meditation like I do, bust out your mat and do some yoga. Did you know there are websites that offer online yoga classes and some of them are – wait for it – FREE!

Pisces Moon


…grab a bowl of popcorn and have a film festival complete with fuzzy blankets, four legged friends and footed pajamas all in the comfort of your living room.




…with your favorite furball or the love in your life and give all those rampant emotions someplace to go.  Shower them with adoration and warm fuzzy goodness.

So next time you’re feeling weird maybe a Pisces moon is to blame.  A quick internet search can confirm your suspicions…then all you need to do is act accordingly.

While the moon in Pisces can be fraught with emotional tidal waves and restless sleep (my dreams have run the gamut from taking ex-boyfriends to the hospital, getting a makeover inside a dark twisting labyrinth filled with black lights & electronic music, and being a mom to a 3 year old boy in the 1830’s to being beaten by an angry mob with large tins of canned food & massive glass jars of pickled eggs…restless indeed!) it can also be enriching & soothing.  Just relax, go with the flow & try to enjoy the Pisces moon for what it is – expansive, dreamy & overflowing with emotion…which can all be good things when channeled properly.


Kisses  & Moon-induced Chaos,
Alli Woods Frederick


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  • Shay

    This is cute. My birth moon is in Pisces. Try that crazy on for size. I have often wondered if different birth moons react to the moon cycles differently. By reading your interpretation of Pisces I’m leaning towards “yes.” I find the moon in cancer awful to bare, even the month the sun is in cancer I am unhappy. Thanks for sharing. P.S to add to your bath time secret; try even sitting by large bodies of water if you can and/or drinking lots of water. Music and solitary confinement are a good one if you are feeling overwhelmed.