We’re Still Alive + Little Links Of Love


Well what do you know.  December 21st has come & gone & we’re still alive.  Quelle surprise.  We wouldn’t be humans if we didn’t dream up some new cataclysm or other every few years.  Why we’re quietly obsessed with our own annihilation I can’t say, but I can say that it’s always interesting to see how people respond to such predictions, that’s for damn sure. 

Case in point:

On December 31, 1999, I was on my way to spend New Year’s Eve in New Orleans where I partied like it was 1999 (and yes, that song was played ad nauseum that night) while some people I knew stuffed their alice packs with survival gear & MREs & then they hightailed it to their bug out location in a cave in the middle of nowhere.  *insert sad trombone sound here*

What about you?  Were you worried about the Mayan Prophecy & the end of the world?  Do you buy into predictions of the end times?

Here are some decidedly non-end-of-the-world-y links of yummy goodness:

  • These DIY cookie envelopes would make the perfect packaging for some holiday cookie party favors.
  • Of course if you’re going to fill those cookie envelopes then you need cookies.  These red velvet cookies are festive (and look delicious).  Not a fan of red velvet? (Blasphemer!) These dark chocolate chip & sea salt cookies look scrumdiddlyumptious too.
  • Work of those cookie calories by walking through this massive 7.5 acre outdoor assemblage art installation by Noah Purifoy.  It’s pretty fantastic.
  • Do you love the design & nostalgia of vintage typewriters?  Do you like to support the arts?  Kill two birds with one stone.  Support the upcoming book “The Typewriter: A Graphic History of the Beloved Machine .”
  • I would love to have these floating sculptures in my dream garden.
  • Since we’re getting all artsy-fartsy up in this joint, why not add some interest to your dining table with some DIY Rorschach test placemats.
  • Remember making paper snowflakes in elementary school?  Well paper snowflakes have grown up…& they’ve grown up to be goth.  I love these diy skull snowflakes.
  • Leaders in the small Serbian village Zorazje discuss their vampire problem with ABC news…and let me tell ya, their vampire doesn’t sparkle.  Sava Savanovic means business.
  • This article on rejection & its effect on creativity is pretty interesting.  How do you respond to rejection? 
  • A short film about a zombie in a penguin suit?  Yup. A zombie in a penguin suit. 
  • These cartoons have been around for years, but I like to revisit them every now & then. Playwright August Strindberg waxes poetic with his pink balloon friend, Helium.  Strindberg & Helium.
  • And finally I leave you with this bit of beauty – a video of a floating lantern festival…it’s like a dream.


Kisses & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick


image:  via living the liminal
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