Gamboling About on New Legs

While out for a drive the other day my mom and I came across this beautiful scene:  a 4 hour old foal gamboling about all wobbly legged, trying to quite literally find its footing in this amazing new world with mom by his side, gently encouraging him.  It was too precious.  I feel so fortunate that we had the chance to share such a special moment.

My wish for all of us this weekend is that we are able to see the world with the same awe, curiosity, amazement and selfless, fearless love as the little foal.  How precious a thing is life…so very very precious.


Have an absolutely smashing weekend, my dears.  Smooches!



Kisses & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick


image credt: Newborn © 2012 Alli Woods Frederick all rights reserved

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