WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: TO BEE OR NOT TO BEE     Kisses & Chaos, Alli Woods Frederick     IMAGES  ::  BEE GIRL – JEN OAKS  ::  HONEY BEE – KENZIE BUSBY  ::  HONEY BEE – BEESWAX  ::  OH … Continue reading

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  WORDLESS WEDNESDAY                   Kisses & Chaos, Alli Woods Frederick     images  ::  hair II – the white deer  ::  butterflies – jenny viljaniemi  ::  red deer//stag – amy hamilton  ::  … Continue reading

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  The moon.  She’s not only beautiful but powerful.  Without the moon our oceans would have no tides.  Without the tides we would have no life.  The beautiful moon that inspires poets and painters and romantics the world over helps … Continue reading

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    WHAT are you doing inside on the internet?  Get your ass outside.  Enjoy your day.  Spring is…springing.  So go outside and have some fun, damn it!  Enjoy those blue skies!  Get on it!  Go!  Now!     Kisses … Continue reading

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  OKAY…so Hello Spring Garden! is a bit of a tease, because absolutely jack has bloomed here, save a small handful of daffodils in a ditch on the side of the road.  It’s still cold.  Not as cold as it … Continue reading

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