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    Confessions:     This past year I underwent a massive and I mean MASSIVE amount of painful change and upheaval in my life.  When I say massive upheaval what I really mean is excruciatingly painful, agonizing, rip-your-world-apart, never-be-the-same-again, … Continue reading

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It is no secret that I love Bob Hope and have since the tender age of 2.  He was my first crush and I absolutely love him to bits.  His humor, kindness, intelligence…he was one of the greats.  The day … Continue reading

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    remember a day about a year ago that was particularly sucky.  I got up at ungodly o’clock to get ready for work.  When I awoke I was elated that it was Friday and then completely deflated when I … Continue reading

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  I WAS HAVING a conversation with a friend not too very long ago about love, betrayal and heartbreak.  My friend has become, by his own admission, jaded and cynical, saying that betrayal and loss leads to hatred and bitterness, … Continue reading

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While out for a drive the other day my mom and I came across this beautiful scene:  a 4 hour old foal gamboling about all wobbly legged, trying to quite literally find its footing in this amazing new world with … Continue reading

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