Be Your Own Valentine!


chloe + isabel by alli woods frederick

I AM SUPER EXCITED to tell you I am the newest member of the Chloe + Isabel team!  Not only that (as though that weren’t enough) but I’m hosting a Be Your Own Valentine pop-up shop on Facebook.  The shop will be open today (February 8) through Sunday February 10.  And to celebrate my official grand opening, every person who buys a brilliant bit of bling will be entered to win an Amazon gift card…there might even be a chance to score some free Chloe + Isabel jewelry.

Can I get a “Woohoo?”

chloe + isabel by alli woods frederick


I would appreciate it so much if you would like my new Chloe + Isabel Facebook page and then swing by Be Your Own Valentine to join in the fun.


chloe + isabel by alli woods frederick

I KNOW SOME OF YOU ARE WORRIED that this new venture of mine will change Kisses & Chaos, that all my posts will be one big sales pitch or that I won’t give Kisses & Chaos the time and love it deserves.

I PROMISE neither of these scenarios will happen.  Sure I might give a little heads up if there’s a sale or I might wear a bracelet or necklace for a fashion post but that’s it.  I’m not going to beat you over the head with it.

And as far as not giving Kisses & Chaos all the love I have?

Not a chance.

Part of the reason Chloe + Isabel was a good fit for me is because I can still dedicate my time and energy to you, my art & my reiki (not to mention I genuinely love the jewelry).  Everything you see here is, pretty much a labor of love.  All my various creative endeavors (Kisses & Chaos included) don’t pay the bills.  Most of what income they generate covers operating expenses.  In order to keep the doors open here I had to branch out.  As a member of the Chloe + Isabel team I work for myself.  This allows me the luxury of being able to continue to pursue my passions and dreams and keep giving you all the beauty and weirdness I have to offer…something a 9-5 gig simply wouldn’t permit me.

PLEASE KNOW that I will always stay true to my vision of not only Kisses & Chaos, but my art, my photography and my life.  I love the family we have here and I would never ever want to do anything to lose that.

You all are truly the bee’s knees.

If you have any questions about Chloe + Isabel (like how you can get free jewelry by hosting a pop-up party of your very own…yup…free jewelry for throwing a party), Kisses & Chaos or anything else that comes to mind please don’t hesitate to ask by emailing me here.

chloe + isabel by alli woods frederick



Thank you all for your support, encouragement and understanding.

Sending you mad love.


Great Big Kisses & Oodles of Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick


images :: © chloe + isabel & © 2013 alli woods frederick
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