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A Note to Self with A Dash of Iron & Wine

NOTE TO SELF: WRITE some clever, interesting, pleasant, funny and/or insightful words here.  Make sure not to divulge what this photo is really about.  Remember you have boundaries, both professional and personal. NOT EVERYTHING in your private life is intended … Continue reading

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Trolls: The Official Policy

    IF YOU’VE NEVER had the pleasure of encountering the oft anonymous keyboard warriors known as trolls then you are either:  1)  indescribably lucky and should buy me a lottery ticket immediately or 2)  have spent limited time in … Continue reading

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Ch-ch-ch-changes Are Coming

YOU MAY have noticed a few small changes here and there popping up on Kisses & Chaos, like the new Project 52 and Words of Wisdom banners for example.  The reason?   KISSES & CHAOS IS GETTING A MAJOR SITE … Continue reading

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Hey Designers, Modcloth Wants You!

  Hey designers, Modcloth wants you! MODCLOTH’S Make The Cut Contest is back and in full swing and they want you and all those fabulous ideas rolling around in the beautiful noggin of yours.  The theme?  ‘Prints’ Charming.  (Not to … Continue reading

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Contain Your Excitement: A Year in Review Post

    EVERY BLOGGER and their dog has written their year in review post and/or their new year’s resolution post.  Millions of people talking about what they loved and loathed about 2013 and how amazing 2014 is going to be.  … Continue reading

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