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Alli Woods Frederick



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  • Shana Mattheis

    Just a few days ago I started making “Love Notes” Little folded cards that are b&w on the outside, and hand drawn and colored on the inside with statements like “You are loved.” “You are enough.” “You are brave.” etc. I plan on handing them out to random people on the street, and leaving them on cars in parking lots, or any random place where someone might find it. The first few went out yesterday! I think that is currently my answer to that question. 🙂

    • I LOVE that idea. A couple of years ago I created a set of Pocket-Sized Positivity Cards that were intended for the same use. I originally had them custom printed but decided to switch to downloads so people could print and share as many and as often as they like to keep the love goin’. Great minds think alike! <3
      Way to spread the love around!

      • Shana Mattheis

        Oh! That is a great idea too!! Do you still offer them? I would love to see how the idea manifested for you. (I will have to go searching) I did a postcard project a few years ago where I created one-of-a-kind artwork and mailed it to around 30 people a month… got a little overwhelming but was fun while it lasted. 🙂

        • I do. I embedded the link in my last comment. You can see them there.
          30 ooak piece every month would be exhausting. That’s a job in itself! Good lord! (but it does sound fun…I’ve been working on a similar, but less exhausting idea for a while now…hopefully it will come to fruition in the next couple of months…I need to take some time to ride that wild donkey…ha!)

  • Alexandra always packs a punch. I’ve been asking this question more lately and it helps get me going, especially when I feel stuck and frustrated. I like that what we can do right this moment doesn’t have to be something grand. Just a simple easy thing it all it takes.

    • She does rock some serious socks, doesn’t she…and good for you. <3

  • Nicole Cody

    Great quote, Alli, and a powerful question. I love that is emphasizes EASY. What a grand relief it is to hear that word 🙂 Much love to you xx

    • Takes a load off, doesn’t it?