am swimming in a sea of change right now.  Lots of upheaval, lots of weirdness and lots of change.  A time for decisions and movement is fast approaching and that movement has the potential to change … Continue reading

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          What can I say…changes are inevitable.  If there’s one thing The Universe does with any and all reliability it’s create upheaval and change.  Change is the only constant in life. In my world there has … Continue reading

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        h, our beloved and completely stunted in every conceivable way Homer Simpson.  I’m handing over the reigns of Words of Wisdom to our favorite idiot for a little while as he covers everything from female anatomy, … Continue reading

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        was a huge fan of the series Heroes before it went to hell in a hand basket during the writers’ strike that made the best television had to offer unwatchable back in ‘09/’10.  After a calamitous … Continue reading

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        Yesterday marked the twelfth anniversary of my beloved Bob Hope’s death, which is a day of mourning and celebration in my home.  No joke.  When I was a massage therapist I didn’t book clients on July … Continue reading

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