Going Down? Sex In Elevators


sex in an elevator


I FINALLY CAVED and watched The New Girl last night on Netflix.  (I have a serious love/hate relationship with Zooey Deschanel the reasons for which are varied and many.) 

CUT TO A SCENE with her character mashing the emergency stop button in an elevator so she can get busy with her new boyfriend.  This act of contrived passion left me with a burning question:

What really happens when that drawer-droppin’ button is pushed?


sex in an elevator


SERIOUSLY.  Do people really do this?  What happens?  Is it illegal (I know sex in a public elevator isn’t legal…I’m talking about the button-pushing)?  Is anyone notified that an alarm is sounding?  Are there really no repercussions?  Really?  How are all these fictional public copulators with all their passionate button pushing not getting caught?

I ALWAYS assumed it was like pulling the emergency cable on a train – a conductor or ticket taker shows up, finds out what’s wrong and then acts accordingly.  Is there no such a protocol for elevators?  And if there’s not, then why bother having the f***ing button!  What purpose does it serve if no one responds to it?!?!?!  This is maddening!

I must know.

FOR THE LOVE of all things holy will someone please solve this mystery?  Unravel this riddle?  Tell me.  Tell me what the hell happens when that button is pushed.  It’s driving me f***ing nuts.


Kisses & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick


images  ::  old style elevator – cintia  ::  love in an elevator – nick weinrauch
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  • Welcome! It’s always lovely to meet another Goddess! <3

  • If I ever get an answer I’ll be sure to let you know!