The Moon, Magic & Manifesting: A Mini-Guide


Moon, Magic & Manifesting

The moon.  She’s not only beautiful but powerful.  Without the moon our oceans would have no tides.  Without the tides we would have no life.  The beautiful moon that inspires poets and painters and romantics the world over helps give us life.  She has been used to keep time.  She has held starring roles in folklore and legend for centuries upon centuries and her energy has been harnessed to aid in religious ceremonies and rituals for ages upon ages and into the modern day.  So how can you harness the energy of the moon to give your magic and manifesting a mega-boost?


The Moon, Magic & Manifesting: using the moon to magnify your manifesting

Moon, Magic & Manifesting



Moon, Magic & Manifesting


The waxing moon is the period where the moon transitions from the dark of the new moon to the light of the full moon.  The waxing moon lasts approximately 14-ish days.  A waxing moon symbolizes the building of energy, which makes perfect sense since the moon is increasing in fullness and light.  It is constructive.  This makes it the perfect time to focus your thoughts, meditations, and magic towards things of a positive nature…things that you want to grow, increase or attract in your life.


Some examples of waxing moon manifesting are:
*attracting love (and yes, that includes loving yourself)
*finding a new job
*improving finances
*healing and improving your health



Moon, Magic & Manifesting


The waxing moon culminates in a full moon (this include the night before and the night after in many traditions and all three days are considered powerful and potent…just fyi).  The full moon is considered a super-crazy-ultra-uber-mega powerful time to enhance your magic and manifesting.  And is it any surprise?  It’s no coincidence that the full moon plays a key role in legend and folklore.  Think it’s a load of bullsh*t?  Talk to any ER nurse or police officer working the charlie shift and they’ll tell you that things get a little more crazy on full moons.  People with epilepsy report increased seizure activity during full moons.  My point?  Despite what science will try to convince you of there are centuries of anecdotal evidence that the full moon is mighty potent. Use that potency and mega-power to your advantage to further attract growth and positivity into your life.


Some examples of full moon manifesting are:
*self-improvement (this does NOT include kicking bad habits.  That’s for another time.)
*attracting love & commitment to your sweet self
*developing your intuition
*all things artistic
* drawing in protective energy



Moon, Magic & Manifesting


The waning moon is, in each and every sense, the opposite of the waxing moon.  The moon is waning when it’s transitioning from a full moon to a new moon; from light to darkness.  The waning moon is for letting go as well as the deconstructing and removal of things from our lives.  As the waxing moon builds up, the waning moons tears down.


Some examples of waning moon manifesting are:
*kicking bad habits (this is the time quit smoking, biting your nails, etc)
*ending relationships that are no longer healthy or productive
*releasing anything negative in you life



Moon, Magic & Manifesting


Just as the waning moon is in opposition to the waxing moon, so is the new moon to the full moon.  And just like the full moon, the new moon includes the day before and after for the purpose of rituals.  This is a time to release any other negative influences from your life.  It is also a great time to go within and spend time in quiet reflection.  It is restorative.  A time to reflect on accomplishments and plan for the time ahead.


Some examples of new moon manifesting are:
*starting a meditation practice
*introspection and stillness
*further releasing unwanted and negative influences in your life
*reflecting on past accomplishments, expressing gratitude (as though there’s ever a bad time for that), and thinking of future goals
*did I mention meditating?  Seriously.  Do it.


candle hands


So how do you use this in a meditation or ritual?  For me to sit here and list different spells and meditation techniques would be an exercise in insanity and a one way ticket to carpal tunnels.  There are tons of resources out there…tons.  There are books upon books (just pay a quick visit to your bookstore’s new age section for all things spell related and the health and/or self-improvement section for meditation techniques…) and websites by the hundreds.

If all those options leave you feeling overwhelmed then I suggest you begin with what’s easiest, and one of the easiest ways to practice meditation or perform a ritual is with candles.  You can find a slew of articles on candle meditations here.  Wanting to try your hand at magic?  Candle magic is a great place to start.  You can find all the info you need about performing candle magic here.

The full moon is tonight, so good luck with your manifesting.  May it bring you many blessings.  Just remember that what comes around goes around and never, ever do any rituals or try to manifest anything that is harmful to or interferes with another person’s free will.  So stay focused on the positive, stay focused on doing good and enjoy, my dears.  May your blessings and bounties be many.


Kisses & Chaos,
Alli Woods Frederick


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