f you’re anything like me, when it comes to cooking and the kitchen you always have good intentions and plan to learn to cook – I mean really cook.  So you fill your kitchen with all … Continue reading

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        ROUND and bright in the night sky, the full moon will be shining down on us with all her glory tonight.  The full moon is renowned in certain spiritual circles for helping to bring all desires … Continue reading

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    HAVE you been wanting to try harnessing the power of the moon phases to super-charge your manifesting or magic?  Did you miss the new moon last night?  Do you think you blew your chance to make any new … Continue reading

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  The moon.  She’s not only beautiful but powerful.  Without the moon our oceans would have no tides.  Without the tides we would have no life.  The beautiful moon that inspires poets and painters and romantics the world over helps … Continue reading

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