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        Gone are the days of the geek stereotype.  We came.  We saw.  We took the corner offices and sit at the cool kids table now.  We have geek cred.  No longer relegated to the fringes of … Continue reading

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      THE MONSTER BENEATH The BED   What is that you’re seeing in the corner of your eye Stealthful foot steps following never passing by In the corner of the mirror watching when you blink It is patient … Continue reading

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  TORMENT ABOVE AND BEAST BELOW – Derek Spoonmore In bed Above We’re deep asleep What greater love lies further deep This dream must end This world must know That we all depend on the beast below Above the beast … Continue reading

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    I AM A WHOVIAN, TRIED AND TRUE.  The blood in my veins is TARDIS blue. (I feel the beginning of an epic poem coming on, my ode to geekdom…oh yes, this shall be done.) IN PREPARATION for the … Continue reading

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  For reasons unbeknownst to me I have, over the years, developed a love of garden gnomes.  (Maybe you remember my Name My Gnome contest which resulted in the most awesome gnome name EVER – Phineas Q. Butterfat.)  As I … Continue reading

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