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    FALL is fast approaching.  The end of summer is upon us so with that in mind I thought this the perfect time to make a mix tape (okay, not really a mix tape, but I’m old school and … Continue reading

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  JEZEBEL   Who’s seen Jezebel?She was born to be the woman I would knowAnd hold like the breezeHalf as tight as both our eyes closed Who’s seen Jezebel?She went walking where the cedars line the roadHer blouse on the … Continue reading

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NOTE TO SELF: WRITE some clever, interesting, pleasant, funny and/or insightful words here.  Make sure not to divulge what this photo is really about.  Remember you have boundaries, both professional and personal. NOT EVERYTHING in your private life is intended … Continue reading

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    EBB TIDE First the tide rushes in Plants a kiss on the shore Then rolls out to sea And the sea is very still once more So I rush to your side Like the oncoming tide With one … Continue reading

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    IT’S A LITTLE KNOW fact that Billy Idol, punk rock pioneer and rock n’ roll heartthrob wants to change your life for the better…one song lyric at a time.  It’s true. Billy Idol wants to change your life. … Continue reading

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