A Revelation About Love


I WAS HAVING a conversation with a friend not too very long ago about love, betrayal and heartbreak.  My friend has become, by his own admission, jaded and cynical, saying that betrayal and loss leads to hatred and bitterness, lessening ones ability to not only love but be loved and that it simply wasn’t worth it.


I FIND HIS BELIEFS and feelings to be so sad…that someone would make such a choice, and it is a choice, is heartbreaking.  How can someone feel that way about love?  Love is such a miracle…such a blessing

I had an epiphany.

WELL…not really an epiphany because it’s something I’ve always believed to be true, but I never truly felt the belief with every fiber of my being.  I never experienced it as an ultimate immutable truth of the universe.  I felt the ultimate truth of love.  I understood its nature.  100%.   What was this all encompassing fuzzy blanket of yummy lovey goodness?  Well…




OUR PERCEPTION of love as something internal and existing only inside ourselves is not entirely accurate.  We experience love internally, yes.  It burns with intensity and fills us with warmth, joy and even, on occasion, sadness.  But love is not a 100% internal experience.

Love exists outside the self.

IT IS COMPLETELY and entirely free of ego and functions outside of our mind and, oddly enough, our feelings.

Love is transcendent.

TO LOVE TRULY, completely, unconditionally means loving regardless of external factors.  It exists beyond.  It has no expectations or limitations and it is inextinguishable.

It doesn’t matter if the person you love reciprocates…it doesn’t matter what the physical relationship between you is…whether you’re side by side, miles apart or separated by death.  Love lies beyond it all…above it all.

Love is vast.
Love is expansive.
Love is limitless with no beginning or end.


EVEN MORE AMAZING than all of that is the fact that there is a never ending supply of love.

Love never runs out.

THERE IS ALWAYS an abundance of love and love for one does not diminish love for another.  You love your mother.  You love your father.  Does loving your mother mean you must love your father less?  Of course not.  Love is inexhaustible and infinite.  Love can never be depleted or lessened by loving more.

HOW AMAZING is that?  Love is pretty damn amazing…pretty damn amazing indeed..


Kisses & Chaos & Love Love Love,
Alli Woods Frederick


image credits:  If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right (Luther Ingram) by Kevin Dooley  |  Give Love by heyFilbert  |  It’s all about love by Candida Perfroma  | 
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