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      Kisses & Chaos, Alli Woods Frederick   image  ::  dance production – neo wei  ::

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    sk a woman to name her favorite body parts and many, if not most, will give an often bashful and innocuous response:   “I have a nice smile.” “I have good hair.” “I think my eyes are pretty.” … Continue reading

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  I WAS HAVING a conversation with a friend not too very long ago about love, betrayal and heartbreak.  My friend has become, by his own admission, jaded and cynical, saying that betrayal and loss leads to hatred and bitterness, … Continue reading

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    When I look in the mirror, what do I see?     MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL I see a person riddled with contradictions.  I see a person who is wise but doesn’t really know shit.  I see … Continue reading

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    WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT OCD BECAUSE WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW MAY BE BULLSHIT.   Strong words, I know, but more often than not it’s true.  Sure, the TV show Monk made OCD look cute, … Continue reading

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