BY NICKIE SHOBEIRY   Shortly before Mischa died I received an email from one of my favorite guest bloggers, Nickie.  Her message (and I’m paraphrasing here):  ‘I have a piece on angels that would be perfect for you.  Interested?’  My … Continue reading

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    ONCE again the time has come to turn out thoughts to gifts, more specifically, the giving of gifts.  As the black but loveable sheep in the family I know first hand (from all the hair-tearing-out that occurs among … Continue reading

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  I WAS HAVING a conversation with a friend not too very long ago about love, betrayal and heartbreak.  My friend has become, by his own admission, jaded and cynical, saying that betrayal and loss leads to hatred and bitterness, … Continue reading

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We all have hopes.  We all have fears.  We’re all human and those are parts of our nature.  But oh, the suffering hopes and fears can bring.  They can fill us with doubt, with longing.  We try to control them.  … Continue reading

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Today is Hindu God Ganesh’s birthday and Hindus the world over will be celebrating with a festival in his honor: Ganesh Chaturthi.  I have no idea how many candles he’ll be blowing out on his cake today, but I do … Continue reading

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