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      f jealousy and envy were in a “who wore it best” showdown there would be no winner.  They’re straight up fugly on everyone.  Fuuuuuuugly.  No exceptions.  They aren’t a good look.  Period.  I can hear you now: … Continue reading

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      EVERY single person on this planet experiences stress during their life.  It’s one thing we can all count on besides death and taxes.  There is good stress (called eustress, which involves happy events like marriage, promotions or … Continue reading

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    ONCE again the time has come to turn out thoughts to gifts, more specifically, the giving of gifts.  As the black but loveable sheep in the family I know first hand (from all the hair-tearing-out that occurs among … Continue reading

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    *disclaimer:  this post contains an a-typical amount of f-bombs.  you’ve been warned.  if you find such language offensive and won’t be able to overlook it, I suggest you skip today’s post and come back tomorrow for less adult … Continue reading

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  ::  via vogue  :: WALKING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND may be romantic but it is hell on your skin.  The cold dry air turns your skin into sandpaper faster than you can say frostbite.  So how do you keep … Continue reading

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