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      f jealousy and envy were in a “who wore it best” showdown there would be no winner.  They’re straight up fugly on everyone.  Fuuuuuuugly.  No exceptions.  They aren’t a good look.  Period.  I can hear you now: … Continue reading

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        Oh, rosewater.  I see you in beauty stores in your perfect packaging with your glass bottles, beautiful fonts and clean design begging me to drop what little hard earned cash I’ve busted my ass off for … Continue reading

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      EVERY single person on this planet experiences stress during their life.  It’s one thing we can all count on besides death and taxes.  There is good stress (called eustress, which involves happy events like marriage, promotions or … Continue reading

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  I KNOW it’s hard to believe with all the snow we’ve been having here stateside but spring and all her glory is just around the corner.  And what do you think of when you hear the word “spring?”  Flowers…which … Continue reading

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    I SUCK AT NAPPING.  Fact.  Over the years I’ve discovered that I don’t do well with it.  If I dare to doze then I’m usually down for the count.  I close my eyes after lunch and don’t get … Continue reading

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